The Treasure Crest EC development is one of the latest luxury housing developments on Singapore. The development is another demonstration that providing a complex is built in a good location, and offers a high standard of construction it should sell of its units. The developers are sure that the site of the condo development is ideal for selling units as quickly as possible. Treasure Crest is due to be completed by the middle of this year, and there are plans to build extra retail properties in the area that will increase the appeal of the complex to potential purchasers of the condos.

Treasure Crest EC Sim Lian EC

The developers of the Treasure Crest EC complex are Sim Lian, who regarded District 19 as a highly viable site for building condos. It is a part of Singapore that has plenty of amenities and also facilities available that should be very tempting for buyers to actively consider when and where they are going to buy a property.

Treasure Crest Anchorvale Crescent

Though some parts of the complex have already been completed not all of it has been built. The local authority has not yet given planning permission for all of the condo units to be built. Sim Liam are hoping to build and then sell 529 condos once all of the complex has been finished. Should less units be built then the final prices may have to be adjusted.

Treasure Crest Sengkang Sim Lian

The quality of the condos means that it is relatively easy to market the units to the potential home and buyers living in Singapore. Anyone that buys one of the one to four bedroom condos will undoubtedly be impressed by what they have been able to buy, in such a lively part of the country.