The construction of the Paya Lebar Quarter Singapore has more than just the building of yet more executive condos. Over the past several years the island of Singapore has seen the opening of plenty of condos not to mention shopping malls. This new complex will combine the best in new condos with top class office and shop units. For the new residents of the quarter there will also be leisure and sporting amenities to hand.

Paya Lebar Quarter Singapore

Although the completed complex will be close to existing shopping malls and industrial estates the developers are intending to make the quarter as self-contained as possible. While the quarter is right next to the Paya Lebar Road, the MRT Station as well as bus stops, residents would not always have to use the transport network.

Paya Lebar Lend Lease Condo Pricing

Instead some of the new residents will almost literally live on the door step from where they happen to earn a living. Those that work elsewhere will have to commute daily, but the majority of people should have no traveling time to work. That should do wonders for their work life balance, with extra time for leisure activities, or simply relaxing with their family and friends. On the other hand they could go shopping in the shops based inside the quarter.

Paya Lebar Quarter Lend Lease Condo

Almost certainly the ability to live, work, and shop within three high rise tower blocks will appeal to people that want to buy themselves a luxury condo in any case, everything on the same site would certainly be useful.

The planned facilities for the 400 or so executive condos could probably sell themselves, yet the extra amenities will increase their appeal to people that are earning good salaries. There will be plenty to do for the new residents once they have moved in to the complex.